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The McGarry Family

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting the adorable McGarry at their home in Hyattsville, MD.  They had just recently moved to the area and wanted to stay local for their session to document this time in their lives.  We had such a great time exploring their new area in the arts district!  Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

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Claudia and Josh : Anticipation

I was so excited when Claudia emailed me and asked if I would capture their anticipation photos. Her and Josh are some of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever met and I was honored to be included in their celebrations as they prepare to welcome their baby girl.  We did their shoot at a place very near and dear to their hearts, and included a very special tree that they planted in memory of their son, Noah.

I just love how flawless Claudia looks in her flowing pink dress.  Their excitement and anticipation is palpable and so sincere.  I am beyond excited to share my favorites from their session.
 photo 2014-10-14_0001_zpsdf2be7c5.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0002_zpsa55cbb61.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0003_zps4c9b2a4c.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0004_zps8007f218.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0005_zps16ad7032.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0006_zpsbaf8cf6c.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0007_zps2dccf27a.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0008_zps3677bbdd.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0009_zpsa2c4319f.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0010_zps01da472c.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0011_zpsf623a1cf.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0012_zps33f69c37.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0013_zpse7f6f6a7.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0014_zpsc7378de1.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0015_zps105500b6.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0016_zps377f0637.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0017_zps1bc09074.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0018_zpscb5c9250.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0019_zps30534021.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0020_zpse09a0782.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0021_zpsbe8b025d.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0022_zps9b908d75.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0023_zps9bb0a59b.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0024_zps737a6687.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0025_zpsb1251728.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0026_zpsf36293dc.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0027_zps45af03fb.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0028_zpsb57137b0.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0029_zpsfe9a5a90.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0031_zps8148adae.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0032_zps9ed26e03.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0033_zpscabee42e.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0034_zps3aa52b64.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0035_zps51e134dd.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0036_zps1bf401f1.jpg photo 2014-10-14_0037_zps8eb2f220.jpg

The Marshall Family : Family Session

The sweet Marshall family is just smitten with the addition of their new little girl, Ella.  Tracy and I became instant friends over a cup of coffee a couple of years ago and I have been photographing their family ever since.  I absolutely love working with them because Tracy is a photographer herself and knows all the ins and outs of what goes into shooting and editing imagery.  She is so grateful for every single one of the images she recieves from each shoot and never wants me to doctor any of the images to make them “perfect” – because as she puts it, “life with toddlers and a newborn isn’t perfect and I want my images to reflect the life that I’m living right now”. I applaud her for that – they are her definition of “perfect” despite the little bruise on Asher’s forehead or the hairs out of place.  Tracy, thank you again for the opportunity to work with your stunning family.  Enjoy sweet Ella – they grow entirely too fast. photo 2014-10-02_0001_zpse8628fa5.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0002_zpse6cbfc85.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0003_zpsffd03036.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0004_zpsaaa4a68c.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0005_zps41fe29f7.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0006_zps02645170.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0007_zps893275f1.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0008_zps1140038f.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0009_zpsf635a6d7.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0010_zpsc51aad93.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0011_zps079a4ce7.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0012_zpsfe883de3.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0013_zps00e97fcb.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0014_zps90a7a29f.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0015_zps1ce9b7da.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0016_zps6d7a3b83.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0017_zpsdce2a82f.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0018_zps43fb027e.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0019_zps19ca285d.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0020_zps2fa94ac7.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0021_zps27deac62.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0022_zpsd578d77b.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0023_zps9aa4f062.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0024_zpsba0a7250.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0025_zps480ccea2.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0026_zps4c03147d.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0027_zps0251efd6.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0028_zpsfa0a04a2.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0029_zpsd0740ecd.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0030_zps18d8b1f6.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0031_zpsd8e26dcc.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0032_zpsd9fd84b4.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0033_zps03c22c90.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0034_zpsedbd3227.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0035_zpse8c6932d.jpg photo 2014-10-02_0036_zpse97d9dcf.jpg