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Chelsea and Ryan : Cambridge, MD Engagement Session

I met Chelsea and Ryan at one of my favorite locations for their engagement session – The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay.  This venue holds a special place in my heart because Nick and I got married there 5 and a half years ago!  It is SUCH a stunning location – I love shooting there!  
I had a great time roaming around the Hyatt with Chelsea and Ryan – can’t wait for their wedding in a few short months! photo 2014-07-30_0001_zps039fb799.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0002_zps87950066.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0003_zps9db98db1.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0004_zpsa06657b3.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0005_zpse57980ac.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0006_zps60fc85fa.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0007_zpsba1ce817.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0008_zps8976b871.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0009_zpseeef5978.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0010_zps26607391.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0011_zpsc04c6b49.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0012_zpscfb1e6ec.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0013_zps018b0604.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0014_zpse68b75b6.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0015_zps06e47f76.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0016_zps6d13c473.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0017_zpsc8efbc4e.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0018_zpsc2a7c5b8.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0019_zps2363737e.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0020_zpse59e06f7.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0021_zpsd48e26e8.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0022_zps12ba12dc.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0023_zps57a125ca.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0024_zps76a0e9a7.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0025_zpsf5baa803.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0026_zps18db9ec7.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0027_zps13c11fbb.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0028_zpsfe1b73ff.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0029_zps9f293f37.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0030_zps366413da.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0031_zps03a90bc1.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0032_zps8eabacbd.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0033_zps2e555f1d.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0034_zps4e41c1ea.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0035_zpsc1e28838.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0036_zps5137340e.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0037_zpsa5d3aabb.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0038_zpse5c951fa.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0039_zpsc3029cae.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0040_zps9592a4ce.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0041_zps05f4658d.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0042_zpsa9c94f08.jpg photo 2014-07-30_0043_zpsdbc4fe25.jpg

Sheree and Jon : Engagement

Sheree and Jon couldn’t have chosen a better weekend to come down from New York for their Annapolis engagement session.  It was the PERFECT Annapolis day… and we weren’t the only ones who thought so. The streets were flooded with people and parking was a nightmare… but as soon as we got started I knew their shoot would be magical.
They were instantly comfortable in front of the camera, which always makes my job incredibly easy.  We had such a great time exploring the side streets and alleys of my favorite city.  Sheree and Jon, thank you for a fun shoot… I can’t wait for your wedding this fall!

Michelle and Steve : Old Town Engagement Session

Steve proposed to Michelle on the docks of Alexandria just outside of the Chart House early last spring. They wanted to incorporate some of their history as a couple in their images so we thought Old Town would be the perfect place for their engagement session. I LOVE shooting in Old Town!  Literally every time you turn around there’s a beautiful location for shooting.  
You wouldn’t know it from the images but the day of Michelle and Steve’s engagement session was one of the coldest days so far this year!  The wind was BRUTAL. The Old Town scenery was still STUNNING and Michelle and Steve did a great job of hiding their shivers and goosebumps from the lens!  They brought their pup Ella along for the shoot so we bundled her up in between shooting locations to keep her from getting too frigid!
We wandered around Old Town until our toes were numb and fingers were sore from the cold and it was worth every single minute outside. I absolutely love the way their images turned out and I hope they do too!  Michelle and Steve, I cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding next fall! photo 2013-12-02_0001_zps1d21793e.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0002_zpsadacd1a9.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0003_zps757b8fbd.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0004_zps9466d792.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0005_zps58385300.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0006_zps7925f297.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0007_zps926d9723.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0008_zps14a9a6b6.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0009_zps1e15e46e.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0010_zps644da2f2.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0011_zpsc04374c3.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0012_zpse35ff3cc.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0013_zpsf037047c.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0014_zps55e1885b.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0015_zpsa8334734.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0016_zps3861cadd.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0017_zps45c1a055.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0018_zpsd065dfb0.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0019_zpsca476fc3.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0020_zps810f2012.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0021_zps1494497e.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0022_zpsf4658e55.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0023_zps9ff7b363.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0024_zps551310d8.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0025_zpsa89be35a.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0026_zps8e6f96ab.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0027_zpsb79ccf6b.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0028_zps965abfd9.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0029_zpsba888f35.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0030_zps82fd459e.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0031_zpsb25752b0.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0032_zps4d620f87.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0033_zps70da5e38.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0034_zps78c971bd.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0035_zps0d7c3012.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0036_zps66db110f.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0037_zps629c47f2.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0038_zps3bc3551c.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0039_zpsa6ff6847.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0040_zpsd6866926.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0041_zps088ce3b0.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0042_zps6975cdf1.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0043_zpsa30872f0.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0044_zps5174f96d.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0045_zps390c2e1c.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0046_zps7e4842a6.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0047_zps6079b783.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0048_zpscdda13b3.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0049_zpsbb695656.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0050_zps49195e36.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0051_zps1b94ab5e.jpg photo 2013-12-02_0052_zps4bd97eec.jpg

Kate and Aaron : Engagement

Kate and I have been friends since middle school.  In small town Maryland, middle and high schools don’t have swim teams because the schools are small – so we swam on our local YMCA team during the winter months. Kate and I spent SO much time together during those years at swim practice 3 times a week, then on the weekends for our swim meets.  We also both played tennis for rival high schools and met on opposite sides of the court too many times to count.  We were seeded the same for most of our high school tennis careers – or at least our coaches made sure to play us against each other every match.  The tennis rivalry became the talk of the town after the local newspaper wrote a story on us titled “Friends or Rivals” which included a photo of us hugging from across the net mid match.

Our friendship grew exponentially when we both decided to attend JMU. We decided to room separately so we could each build our own group of friends our first year of college, but we still saw each other on an almost daily basis.  We were the “home away from home”for each other. I remember meeting mid campus on more than one occasion in the middle of the night to console each other’s homesickness, boyfriend troubles, etc.  Having Kate at JMU made my college transition so much easier.

Fast forward a few years and Kate calls me with the exciting news of her engagement! I knew it was coming – Nick and I had met Kate and Aaron a couple of weeks before for a quick pizza date and their talk of commitment was hard to ignore.  I was thrilled when she asked me to be a guest at the wedding instead of working it.  I have the opportunity to shoot so many weddings – but we don’t get to attend many weddings anymore.  Kate hired a dear friend of mine to shoot the wedding – so I’m confident that her wedding photos will be spectacular.

Kate and Aaron – thanks so much for letting me capture this time in your lives. Love you!
 photo 2013-06-24_0001_zps273ec214.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0002_zpsb8e5224a.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0003_zps8f0da1d4.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0004_zps976e699d.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0005_zpsa1137ff7.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0006_zps81b9e6d0.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0007_zps4bf5f4b1.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0010_zps453beed6.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0008_zpscf3d1c93.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0009_zpsb092149d.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0011_zps2e3030dc.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0012_zps1b4dfafe.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0013_zps0643695e.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0014_zpsd2ccd9dd.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0015_zpsc0d7b519.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0016_zps1583107a.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0017_zpsae49fd47.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0018_zpsac9e58ff.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0019_zpsa5171228.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0020_zpsb069309f.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0021_zps8f4e402d.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0022_zps1cdc3cb5.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0023_zps6e0e2731.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0024_zpsa4bb7422.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0025_zps918eeea6.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0026_zps96183706.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0027_zpsf729dddd.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0028_zpsc05b27dd.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0029_zps66e62139.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0030_zps54f8c47f.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0031_zpsbde74ae4.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0032_zps9bfced6e.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0033_zpscbc13e9d.jpg photo 2013-06-24_0034_zps027438f1.jpg